Lidó Rico 7TV IDENT
The challenge of this work was to adapt the creative process of the artist to the brand image of the channel.
The Artist
They consisted of three-dimensional figures that literally jutted out from the canvas, which advanced until they were frozen at a particular point in time. So, depending on their position when their forward movement was stopped, they became bas, medium or high-reliefs. The feelings of desperation almost always became apparent through body language, especially that of the arms which, thrown forwards, very clearly expressed, like the Magdalenes of the Italian Trecento painters, the terror and the rage unleashed in those situations. Therefore, the human body exteriorized the feeling of fear.
The Beginning
We need to create a 3D shape from his sculpturical work. Our resources are limited and we don´t have a 3D scanner. We opted to create the model through photos.

The Problem
The result of geometry is a disaster. The generated model has a lot of noise. In addition, the 3D model has millions of polygons, which makes it impossible to work with it.
Finally with the collaboration of ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ VIVO and many hours of Zbrush we were able to solve the problem. We get a model with a good mesh easy to animate.

The Result