Artlight Nature - 

Our present is becoming progressively unsure about its perception of reality. 

Technology has been influencing our vision of reality for decades now, with ground-breaking innovations such as the creation of the dolly-woman or the possibility to digitally synthetize voice. Fake-news has been proven to spread faster and better than “real news”, creating a filter bubble which seems hard to escape from.

At the same time, nature as we know it seems to be on the edge of a radical turn, as the consequences of climate change start taking place. 

In the last century, humans are becoming progressively uncertain about their perception of reality. 

Many imagine a future where nature is contaminated, forever corrupted. Would this mean that our perception of seeing nature will also change? I think that art will continue to reinvent itself along with the technological means which its provided. If the human being will adapt to change, art will follow accordingly. 

This work shows a new way of perceiving nature: unlike what we are used to, where nature spontaneously grows across the urban setting, as in the forests and world heritage parks, my focus is on seeing nature as if it was locked inside a museum. Under an artificial light, preserved in-vitro, from the new world of the post-industrial climate.