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    If it's important to you, it's important to us – Activ

A very important promise to keep
We partnered with Activ Foundation, one of Australia’s leading disability service providers, for a unique campaign designed to reposition Activ within the shifting disability care category and fulfil their promise, ‘We believe in you’.

Many hands made good work.
In a sector where advertising largely speaks to everyone except the person who will use the service, we sought to speak to people living with disability directly.

We discovered that Activ holds a unique perspective on the potential of the people they serve. They play the role of intermediary in helping to connect people to their ambitions in life. This opened up the path to a true co-creational approach. 

We worked closely with Activ staff and clients to discover the hidden potential and goals of their customers, to create a campaign that highlighted and celebrated the individual across radio, outdoor and online.
Every piece of work was created in workshops onsite at Activ locations in Beaconsfield and Osbourne Park. We invited customers to draw and speak about what mattered to them – whether that be a goal, a dream, or just something they loved.
"Any co-creation work gives an extra element of complexity to a creative campaign. It's a credit to the whole team that they were able to pull this off as smoothly as they did, and with such a huge amount of heart."
—Josh Edge, Meerkats
45s Radio | 'Ballroom Dancing.'
45s Radio | 'Helping the Homeless.'
30s Radio | 'Belly Dancing.'
When the campaign launched, Activ brought the customers involved in creating the ads to the train station for a surprise.
It was their art – their goals and dreams – showcased on a billboard for everyone to see, giving hope and validation to their experiences.

Every customer's story was told, in their own pictures and words, and shared for everyone to see.
The campaign gained unprecedented traction across Activ’s social media.
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Beecroft
Creative Director: Josh Edge
Art Director: Rikki Burns
Writer: Anneliese Sullivan
Design: Joseph Dennis
Design Director: Mel Radman
Business Partnerships: Lucy Stoelwinder, Dre Liang
Strategy: Barry Walker
Producer: Sophie Middleton
Sound Engineering & Recording: Michael Fragomeni, Brainestorm
Head of Marketing and Intelligence: Rachel Bruechle, Activ Foundation
Marketing Coordinator: Stefan Manuk, Activ Foundation