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Mental Health Commission - THE MEDIX
Mental Health Commission recognised that telling people not to do drugs probably wouldn't work. Instead, they wanted to arm festival goers with information on how to stay safe at the festival, and after it.

Festival goers who use drugs have a negative perception of on-site medical staff and hence, won't use them.

Festival goers often see the on-site medical staff as the party poopers that will take their drugs, call the Police, or worse, call their parents.

Demonstrate that the medical staff aren't anything like the Police or parents, they simply want everyone at the festival to have a good time.

We know festival goes love music, so we created a band of paramedics called “The Medix” and used band-style imagery to promote them. All the while educating on harm minimisation techniques and ultimately positioning paramedics as the safe and approachable option for those having a negative drug experience.
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