NEUS New Electric Urban Scooter
Personal project 
Year - 2016-17

In India, the current situation of electric scooters is not very electrifying (current market is heavily dependent on petrol based scooters, which wont be the same in the near future) although in general the scooter market is the 2nd largest in the world. Being an EV enthusiast  I was curious to know the cause for the failure of EV industry. I started analysing the market and the users. Initially I speculated that inadequate batteries could be the reason. I realised there were other factors- these scooters mostly imported from china (made for china) were not sufficient for Indian terrains which demanded for robust, high performance and high ground clearance. Secondly not meeting up with users utilitarian and lifestyle expectations– this presented an opportunity to re-design the electric scooters eco system (detachable battery) for the Indian scenario. This will help in overcoming range anxiety and retaining users.

Below is an attempt at visualising the future of EV scooters in India.
Max power - 2100W, Range 120KM, Li ion battery pack, Charging time- 80% in 30 mins (fast charging) / 3 hrs full charge, Capacity 150Kg (2 persons), FOC controller. dimensions 1750X1100X650  
Above shown UI pictures are just placeholders to illustrate the idea
NEUS New Electric Urban Scooter