Lithograph 3: Blooms of Sorrow
Lithograph 3: Blooms of Sorrow
Xerox Technique: easy peasy nothing sleezy

I had sketched ideas about what the forest recently has meant for me. For this litho I took my tiny sketch, and got it amplified to 3 times its size for a fresh photocopy. The photocopy was drenched in thinner and placed on the stone and then passed through the press. 

End result gorgeous image. I used a copal no.5 litho crayon ( a xmas present from Estevam) for a bit of shading on the image. 

Then the process of pat, powder and moisturise was repeated as were the steps of 2 rounds of etching.
The Etching: The stone etched beautifully, taking each stroke in its stride.
The Printing: Slap, dash, and a pinch of salt. From the first print to the 7th each one came out perfect!
Blooms of Sorrow
She is the maiden of Dois Irmaos.

[Dois Irmaos, two peaks famous for their beauty in their ever looming presence in all pictures of the famed postcards of the Ipanema beach.]

As she sits upon them,
...and watches her forests burn with the cries of her children.
Oh Rocinha...
...she cries...

Her children cry back to her,
...there is no one who hears us, 
The war is upon us, 
...But no one cares...

Together the forest and the children cry, loud and openly... 
wailing, and heaving and sighing and screaming.


Admidst the raging carnival no one hears anyone cry.
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Printed on Hahnemühle 300gms (etching board 2 watermarks)
10 editions only.

* The Hahnemühle cylinder mould made boards for artistic print techniques are produced in single sheets with 4 genuine deckled edges.* This heavy weight, supple board is ideal for all forms of intaglio and lithography applications. The board’s matt, smooth, life-like surface produces particularly effective prints
Lithograph 3: Blooms of Sorrow

Lithograph 3: Blooms of Sorrow

This is my 3rd lithograph attempted exploring the Xerox technique. The image is a sketch done a few weeks ago.


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