Legados – TV Series Branding
Legados - pasión por el arte which in Spanish means: Legacy - passion for art, is a TV series created by iD Works Studio and was in the pitching process. This project was looking for extra founding for its future development and they needed some branded material to promote the project, attend to found raising events and some other competitions in order to get the series up and running. 
10 Colombian artists, who lived within the years 1850 and 1950, had a huge impact in the Colombian society and some of them, in other parts of the world. "Legados" a Spanish word for: Legacy (in English) in this documentary series wants to rescue those memories in Colombian and world history, that was reflected in their incredible pieces of art. 

This series plans to use plenty of resources such as: interviews, archival materials, paints, sculptures and sketches that are located in Colombia and around the world. "Legados" aims to create a cross media document that will expand to other multimedia materials, such as a website platform where you can check more information about the artists featuring the season 1. These format has been taught as a template for the next seasons where any group of artists could feature on the series.
Proposed Art Direction by me, for the Documentary Series LEGADOS made by iD Works Studio
This series will be hosted in the series page of the iD Works Studio official Website. However it's own branding visuals had been applied to this section.
The Home Page.
The Synopsis of the Series.
The Artist Bio Page
"Legados" was also launched on Instagram. Click on the caption below the next mock-up if you wanna see how they're doing or even donate to get that project up and running. 
This project was possible thanx to all the creative people who worked at the time I was working in iD. Works Studio, please visit their profile if you wanna see more of their work as I have learned lots from all of them.

Thank you very much for watching. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
Legados - TV Series