Product Development
While my professional experience has focused on visual design, graphic design, and motion graphics, much of my work has included aspects of product development, technical-systems building, and creating user flows and wireframes. In these functions I worked with UX designers, product managers, software engineers, and technical artists to develop new products and features, created product documentation and training, and captured user and market feedback for product iteration.
Above: 1) As part of a Product Improvement working group, I captured feedback from users and customers to develop possible solutions to issues and future product iterations. 2) You'd think creating a DAM folder structure would be straightforward, but this one had to be designed for both human users and automated tech (each with multiple use-cases). This project required the input from several stakeholders across Product, Engineering, and Content Production. 3) Always innovating to improve a CaaS/SaaS model, a lot of work was put into creating tools that provide leverage to production staff at the point of deployment.
Above: Half art direction, half technical requirements - these style guides and build specs were used not only to keep style and builds consistent, but to allow software to recognize and manipulate the content in a predictable way. This dependency meant continuous collaboration between teams to ensure the right problems were being solved, and the right processes and workflows were being developed to facilitate the software integration.
- Jon