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    Here I am showcasing a variety of logo designs that I have created be it for clients or for University.
Grub is a restaurant based around the ever so popular Bush Tucker Trials, with different types of foods be it creepy or plain stupid to eat. The logo is based around a witchethichety grub, the bevels of the bug gave a perfect outline for type to be fitted in. I didn't want to go for an obvious statement but something more sopfisticated. 
This is my personal logo, it bring my initials together in a way I never thought I could. The outcome was very simple by just adding the H from Hampshire into a circle it instantly creates a C from Christopher.
For Graze's YCN brief in 2011. It's a nutcracker for sure, I wanted to keep this simple, visual and formative. Taking the logo what they had already and turning it on it's head was difficult but I tried to keep it fun with a rounded typeface and a massive nut with a bite taken out of it.
My friend Jon who hosts a number of gaming channels (Twitch and youtube) asked me to create his identity for him. I wanted to show the energy which certain games create by embeding the lightning 's' into a catherine wheel esk' circle.
Dead City Streets are an experimental rock band up north. They contacted me to create an identity for them. my first impression was to add a street lamp into a hardcore font.. so I did. After here and there we ended up on the towered calligraphic verison.
The Stockman Diaries is a blog for a vintage wedding hire company. They approuched me to re-design their blog (link) as well as a logo.
A starting off photographer.