AR Animation_NOT GO DIE in the Year of the Dog
网络上,年轻人们不断吐槽“想好好过个年,越来越难了”。回到家:三姑六婆的花式催婚,同学会的装腔作势,熊孩子们更是让人无力招架。只想 go die …… 

Nowadays on the Internet, the Chinese young are always roasting about how hard it is to celebrate the Spring Festival peacefully. When they arrive at home: urging about getting married from the relatives; airs and graces during the fellow gathering and the helplessness of looking after naughty kids. Just want to go die……( P.S. “go die” is a network buzzword in China, meaning “having no choice but death” sarcastically. The Doggy Bag comes from the homophonic buzzword “go die”.)
于是,今年的新春制造,LxU 鼓捣出了这样一件宝物。希望能帮助打击抵御当代春节烦恼的——
AR狗年布狗袋 !

So this year, LxU has developed a treasure. We hope this treasure could help those who are suffering from the pressure brought by the Spring Festival.

狗年布狗袋真正的作用,不是抵御,不是屏蔽,而是:LOVE & PEACE!
Instead of resisting and escaping, the real difference the doggy bag makes is providing us with LOVE & PEACE!

Keep it real when everyone is faking it.
What difference does make if you see through your old fellows who only care about money and power? If you can see that fine, stop staring at those fellows, save the energy and watch the Spring Festival Gala with your parents!
Keep calm and make money.
If you have hands flexible like octopus, why don’t you help your family with some housework. Do not just focus on the “hongbao” and give others thumbs up.

Leave me alone.
The atmosphere of the Spring Festival can only exist with excitement. Why don’t you put down your vacuum cup and celebrate with joy!

None of your business. 

It does not provide you with the pan to fight against the inquiry and problems from your relatives. With more patience, use the pan to make a reunion dinner and share with them!
Happy Dog Year
最后,还有一张“大旺狗年”贺年符,是 LxU 对你毫无保留的新年祝福。
Last but not least, there is a “Happy Dog Year” New Year blessing from LxU to you without reservation.

AR 封印如期开启
The AR Seal will be opened as scheduled.

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Created by LxU Lab
Director - 李雨/Levi & 魏婷婷/Una
Executive Director - 高蕴/Yun
Planning - 高蕴/Yun & 刘惠/Liz
Communication - 高蕴/Yun & 刘惠/Liz & 王旦妮/Daniel & 叶闻清/Caren
Illustration - 华原媛/O & 于瑶/Yao & 刘子航/Redrum
3D Design & Animation - 张思杰/Sijie
Video Director - 小花/Summer
Video Editing - 小花/Summer
Actor & Voice Actor - 温庆德/Ted
Develop - 徐霞/Xia & 刘三川/Sanchez & 范元平/Fan
Copywriter - 王邻尧/Linyao
Support - 邓祎/Yi
Design Intern - 许大龙/Dareyong & 王旦妮/Daniel & 庄岩/Yan
Music - 辰达音乐/cdmusic