Character Design
Creating characters to help tell stories has been one of the highlights of my professional career. Guided by the content's subject matter, client needs, and desired reaction from the viewer, the characters I have designed are varied in look and purpose. Working with highly skilled and creative character animators allowed these drawings to really come to life.
A sampling of the character sets I have created. Many of these styles were used in conjunction with a swappable rig template, meaning that across styles, visuals could change but the characters' bone structure remained consistent to allow for immediate swapping from style to style. In addition to developing character styles, I played a role in the R&D and functionality of this tech.
A facial expressions sheet for a simple cartoon character. The over-the-top looks are great for humorous and lighthearted content. Facial expressions are really what gives a character their soul. I love the results.
Thank you.

- Jon