EMS Synthi AKS portable analog synthesizer poster prints.

"Like the VCS3, the Synthi A and AKS feature three oscillators and a unique patch system. Instead of patch wires, they use a patchbay grid wherein the synth components are laid out and signal routing is accomplished by placing small pins into the appropriate slots. The VCS3/Synthi was, in actuality, a mo"The ARP 2600 is a semi-modular analog subtractive audio synthesizer, designed by Alan R. Pearlman (and Dennis Colin), and manufactured by his company, ARP Instruments, Inc. Unlike other modular systems of the time, which required modules to be purchased individually and wired by the user, the 2600 was semi-modular with a fixed selection of basic synthesizer components internally pre-wired."
ARP 2600 on Wikipedia

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