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    Riverside Park Logo creation process
Riverside Park Logo
Riverside Park is a Resort that is targeted at the middle and upper class. It is situated in Kirinyaga District, Central province, Kenya.
Inspiration Board.
As usual i started by going through the internet in search for inspiration, after which i normally create a mood-board.

Logo Development.
 Logo Development.Before i jumped on the computer i sketched some ideas on good old paper with pencil.

I wanted something that would suggests calmness, stability, tranquility, vibrancy, flow and movement (inspired by treasure maps) and still resonate with the target audience.

Text Placement.
I settled for the Trojan Pro font because it goes well with the graphic and is also an old classic font. It is clean, sharp and close to the font style pirates used on there ships when they went for treasure hunting in the sea., hehehe.
Text placement.
I like the horizontal orientation because it is more balanced, and Horizontal suggests calmness, stability and tranquility. I like how it balances out in space and that no element is fighting for attention.
Text Placement Inspiration.
And this photo also inspired the horizontal idea. It looks relaxing, calm and Paradise like.
Final Logo.
Riverside Park B&W Logo.
Riverside Park Graphic Element
The graphic element can also be used on its own but still reflect the Riverside Park brand. It can be used for example in branding staff uniforms, room cards, menu’s, towels, swimming pool floor, plates, wine glass, soap packaging etc...
Full Color.
Riverside Park Logo Full Color.
Reversed 1
Reversed 2
Reversed 3
And that’s it from me, thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed my process. Badayeeee!!!