I've noticed a few animated illustrations lately, and I'm fairly confident that this trend will increase as we move further away from print to all digital media. Normally, when I see animated illustrations, the style is more flat and graphic. It was a fun and challenging learning experience trying to find an animation that would work with my style.

I will say this though, I also learned how limiting the GIF format is as far as color gamut. If this is really the future of illustration, either the GIF is going to need to be revamped, or we'll need a new format.
Detail shot of some of the graffiti. The idea was that these creatures were descendant from humans after some sort of apocalyptic event. I figured if that were the case, they would have some remnants of culture and language. I've always wanted to try my hand at graffiti, so I figured this would be a good enough excuse as any.
A very rough sketch to start with. I don't like getting too detailed in the sketch phase as I feel it limits me later in the process.
The black and white under painting.
Setting up the color space and value separation.
The final still image. This would later be taken to be animated in Adobe After Effects.