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Cling Wireless Power Bank For Travelers


How do we use a phone while charging with power bank?
It is frustrating when you are charging phone with powerbank while you are traveling or walking along the street. You have to either hold the phone and powerbank on your both hand or holding all together in one hand, which could end it up by dropping your phone

What travelers bring for their charging items.
When people travel to new place, they pack their powerbank, charging cable, charging adapter and even wireless charging pad in their backpack.
The way of charging phone with these while walking is cumbersome, so I want it to design a power bank that makes travelers' life a lot easier.

Design Process
Exploring form and size that compatible with all iPhone models, and detail design variations in terms of material and position of the silicone ring bumper. 

“CLING” To Your Smartphone.​​​​​​​

Four Powerful Rare-Earth Magnets
it can be securely cling to the smartphone.

Clever Charging System - without blocking the camera
Cling’s power bank and case are designed for perfect alignment with wireless coils inside of the iPhone for optimal charging.

Interchangeable Modular System

Module #1: Wall Adapter - true cordless charging 
You don’t need extra cables to charge your powerbank and your smartphone. 
Just plug onto wall plug and it will charge the powerbank and smartphone simultaneously.

Module #2: Wired Adapter - Charge on your bedside Table
When you get to the hotel, you can also charge both on the bedside table.

Module #3: LED Flashlight - bEtter photos and bEtter selfies
Phone battery drains like crazy while you are taking a lot of photos and videos. Cling allows to charge your phone without blocking the camera lens with better LED light for the photos.

Thanks to the rare-earth magnet. It can be attached onto any metal structure for your selfie.

Cling - Travel Companion

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Magnetic Wireless charging Power bank for travelers