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AfghaNet - Corporate Identity
AfghaNet is an internet service provider that provides high-speed, dependable internet access in all of Afghanistan's provinces. AfghanNet logo design sought a concept that reflected Afghanistan's cultural context. They outsourced branding for two companies in Dubai and Australia and were dissatisfied with the results.

They asked me to create a logo that was similar to the Dubai logo and combined English and Arabic languages. The main challenge for me was dealing with changing requirements during the logo design process. They wanted a logo with Islamic culture at first, then a logo with a data centre concept.

For the best solution, I propose using Arabic calligraphy with internet speed. Therefore, I created the logo with the combination of Arabic calligraphy and a flame to represent the speed.

Moreover, I designed simple icon concept for AfghanNet as well. The main challenge in designing billboards was to represent Afghanistan culture. I created various characters for promotional materials while keeping the design of billboards simple and minimal. In the User Interface design, they asked me to show the overall process of how the internet works, as well as a greater emphasis on the customer side, indicating that we are only a phone call away.
AfghaNet - Corporate Identity