Castle Creations is an electronics manufacturer of high performance speed controls and motors for the radio controlled hobby industry.  One of their most popular product lines is the Sidewinder sport speed controller which contributes to over 10% of the annual revenue for the company.  The Sidewinder was in need of a refresh after 5 years of success in the market.

As Design Director, I help lead the creative for all aspects of this product refresh.  Tapping my diverse career experiences, I was able to provide direction for the product design evolution, the branding (logos & branded styling), the packaging, the launch video and follow up social media communications.  Below are examples of the various creative outputs I directed.  

The last image is the previous generation Sidewinder product.
The image below is the previous generation Sidewinder 3 next to the refreshed Sidewinder 4.  The cooling fan used to be an optional accessory.  I pushed to include it as a performance improvement.  The case was designed to optimize the airflow coming from the fan that when combined with software enhancements, helps reduce operating temperatures. The new Sidewinder outperforms the previous by a huge margin.  

Design + Technology = :)