Planetarium One is the largest planetarium in the world. Located inside an old XIX century gas holder facility in Saint-Petersburg, it has a dome with a diameter of 37 meters and daily attendance capacity of 5000 people. A artifact of both old and modern engineering, it's aim is to educate throught immersive entertainment. Huge projection dome provides a 180 field of view for animated content that was meticulously created by Blacksolid and several teams during months before opening in 2017.

We were involved in 2 parts of the opening show.
First part is a story of the old building itself, it's struggles and hurdles throughtout it's history: built to provide the city with fuel for the first gas street illumination, abandoned after invention of electricity, continuously bombed during WWII and finally rebuilt into a high end educational facility. We've created dramatic stylized animation sequences, highlighting each era's mood and essence.

Client: Planetary 1
Client Studio: Vivalter
Production Company: BLACKSOLID

Producer: Eugeny Gudov
Director: Olesya Kustova
Executive Director: Alexander Nemenkov
Executive Producer: Tatyana Sopp


On second part we were tasked with creating animated sequences, explaining creation of the universe, the Big Bang, Solar System and Earth formation. We went for a rather graphic direction, engaging dome projection's wide angle of view to immerse the viewer into the action.

Client: Planetary 1
Production Company: BLACKSOLID

Executive Producer: Philipp Belov
Art Direction: Vladislav Solovjov

Saint-Petersburg Planetarium One / Mapping