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    Volt are drones that provide electric car charging services. It provides a new service called electric car charging, and is designed to make it e… Read More
    Volt are drones that provide electric car charging services. It provides a new service called electric car charging, and is designed to make it easier for users. Read Less
EV car charging drone service / drone / size : 1156 x 1000 x 430(mm) / 2018

Interest in electric cars is growing around the world. Car brands around the world have released electric car products and are influencing not only the global economy but governments ' policies. Public electric car charging stations are being built all over the country, and the numbers are growing.

However, even so, the users of electric cars are still concerned about their long trips. Because of this, the car could stop due to the lack of batteries. The biggest problem is the amount of battery storage in electric cars, but there are significantly fewer electric car charging stations that will solve this problem. Service was needed to match electric cars, and the anxiety of electric car users new products and services were needed to remove the element.

I studied service resolution by using keywords and was inspired by design through image research.

Volts are drones that provide electric car charging services.
The four-winged quad-coptor drones, and the advantages of which are highly stable are structural. 
The four legs under the propeller look hollow to reduce impact when landing.  Because it is battery packed inside the body, the camera is exposed to the front bottom, allowing identification of obstacles and user vehicles.
Volt's services are available as an app.  When the electric car battery ran out, a Volt can be called through the app. Users can view their registered vehicle information and location to identify the area of service they are near. From the user information, the Volt will identify where the user is and what kind of vehicle he or she has. The drones then charge the battery so that they can fly to the user's position and reach the next electric car station. Users can complete the payment through the app and arrive at the next station without any restriction.
Volts are services that complement the problem that there are not many electric car charging stations available.
The Volt's charging gun is hidden inside the bolt. When the bolt arrives at the user, the top cover opens, which hides the charging gun. Users can then take out a charging gun and recharge their electric car.

Volt is not meant to charge an electric car 100 percent. It is a service to charge the electric car to the next station. Electric vehicle charging stations are necessary service because they are small in number.
There is a rear camera to monitor the back.
This enables detection of an obstacle before or during flight. And there is an air vent to expel heat from the body.

Volt - EV car charging service drone

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