Logo Designs
Contest & Commisioned Logo desings
"Availablein.com" - Entry:  Real estate website
"Helix Blue" - Entry: Digital Marketing agency
"Cubicolours" - Entry:  Digital Media and Comunication agency
"I-fans"  Entry: Apple devices and accesories reseller
"Engineering Front"  Entry: Argentine Aeronautic engineering company
"FieldLab" - Entry:  Communications and oil research company
"Difora!" - Entry: Brazilian Football Tournament
"Coulter Performance" - Entry: Tunning autopart reseller.
"Cookoon" - Entry: Chineese food restaurant.
"Shatte" - Entry:  Women´s Clothing Brand.
"Rebajapps" - Entry: Iphone Applications reseller webpage.
"Pañales.com" - Entry: Babycare products webpage.