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The UX Design 
I have been testing out different ways to stand out. I landed on this interesting idea of posting videos of my design thoughts. Talking about the things I have experienced in my career and how my teams and I have solved different types of problems. I feel this is also a good way to spread the awareness of Human-Centered Design and spark new innovative ideas on using design to achieve objectives and key results for your business.

* Disclaimer: These are my own views and in no way reflect any of my current or former employers.
EP I: Who is Jarrod Ausborne?
In my first episode, I wanted to introduce myself. Talk about my experiences and amazing journey these past 9 years as a designer at both the enterprise and agency level. 
EP II: Why I Am A UX Designer 
Often we get asked what our profession is, but rarely do we get asked why is that our profession. Why do we do the things we do is the question all designers have for users. The thinking behind the behavior is what drives us to create and innovate. But have we ever asked our selves these questions? In this video, I talk about why I am a designer and what motivates me. So whats your why?
EP III: Design Is More Than Pixels
Designing a great experience is such an exhilarating feeling. Especially when you uncover findings that were not in plain sight or your users didn't mention. This is why design goes so far beyond the end pixels. In this episode, I talk briefly about how taking the time to understand the entire customer journey can help identify a pain point that needs to be addressed. In turn, this gives you a chance to increase your company metrics.
EP IV: Being Data Informed 
In this episode, I really wanted to touch on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, data! Companies love data, and I can't blame them data is awesome. But with great data comes great responsibility. You have to understand what data is and what it is trying to tell you before you can figure out how to use it. So I'm going to briefly talk about how data tells you what is going on but it doesn't necessarily tell you why its happening. The thinking behind the behavior is imperative.
EP V: Building A Design Language 
In this episode, we touch on building a design language in a company that does not have one or doesn't see the value in having one. I share some of the tips I used in helping build the design language for American Airlines Air Craft Maintenance System, and the benefits it brings to the company.
EP VI: Ideas and Collaboration 
I really wanted to discuss some ways you come up with good ideas. For some reason, there is this notion that most great ideas are developed in a vacuum. That can't be farther from the truth, behind every Steve Jobs there is a Jony Ive and an amazing team that helped construct ideas.