Realtor Presentation Deck - Click Mortgage
Click Mortgage brought me in to revamp both the content and look of an old slide deck. They had been utilizing this presentation to walk potential partners through their app's features. That existing deck was largely formed from generic content, creating a disjointed message and appearance. Overall, it didn't feel like it was coming from a modern, tech-savvy institution. Samples of the old deck are shown here:
Focusing on a refined target audience of realtors, I edited the content to be more relevant and to showcase features pertinent to them. Visually, I brought this presentation into a proper look and voice befitting a tech-forward, modern company. Selections from that new deck are shown below.
Bringing Click software to life was high priority. Using Photoshop to show the mobile experience highlights its advantages.
Compositing screenshots with a well-composed photo gets the message across quickly.
A strong type layout with well-planned hierarchy and ample white space brings a clean, modern feel to dry content.
Creating new content from a rough brief took thought. Mirroring a visual from an earlier section was an elegant solution.
Gaining trust can be a real hurdle for companies. Presenting content in an organized and consistent manner can go a long way. An impressive photo can't hurt, either.
Thanks for checking out this project!

- Jon