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    Runner style game for Facebook.

Metro teamed up with the İstanbul Technical University Energy Institute to do something that has never been done before. Together, they created the world’s first motorcycle that runs on Metro, chocolate bar.  
This awesome bike was promoted with a large event and tv ads featuring even more awesome stunt riders... And soon after everybody wanted to take our Metro fueled bike for a ride.

So we placed our bike in a Facebook game for digital ride into the sunset and The Pursuit of Energy was born.
The Pursuit of Energy is a runner style game for Facebook which required serious skillz and ambition to master the challenges that lay in ahead. Going through city to off-road paths, the courses were filled with difficult obstacles and players tried to make the longest distance by collecting Metro bars for fuel and dashing the obstacles on the way.

In just 4 weeks, The Pursuit of Energy had 134K visits, 104K unique visitors viewed the page a total of 462K times! The average time on site was 7 minutes.  A total of 214K games were played while the Metro Facebook page featuring the game got 77K new fans.