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    Rock n Roll T-shirt design contest with a promotion video.
This time purple leaves is running a ROCK ´N`ROLL T-Shirt Design contest!
ROCK ´N`ROLL lifestyle is living without boundaries, traveling the world just to see your favourite band, waking up with a tattoo without remembering it, being stuck on a traffic jam playing air guitar while the radio is on, not taking a no for an answer!
What is ROCK ´N`ROLL to you?
Photography, illustration, drawing, typography... witch one you will choose?
You can participate with more than one design.
The winner of the contest will be rewarded with 300€.
There is a chance to have more than one winner.


With this ROCK ´N`ROLL contest theme purple leaves has tried something different, we went down to Berlin's Underground where buskers survive by making people happy with their music.
We got a true busker and a professional crew to shot a promotion video for the contest with 2 cartridges from super 8 camera. In the Video when the signs appear there is small mistake, on the deadline, was 7 of January but  latter we changed to 14 of January so the contest could last a bit longer.
Big thanks goes to our team who made this video in such short time, we really had a good time and we hope that you will enjoy it!
Jose Mendoza Urruita
Tiago Margaça
Nikola Bubulj