Euro-5 Identity

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  • Euro-5 Identity

    TNK, a complex of petrol stations in Russia, set a new standard of realized fuel – Euro-5.
  •  Logo
  • A drop of water is a basic source of energy in nature that symbolizes the environment.

    The light-trace, which goes beyond the medium, symbolizes an infinite way and technological effectiveness.

    The refractions arising in a drop show the interrelation between ecology and technologies, they add some dynamics.
  • Stickers for the gas nozzles
  • The light-trace unites different mediums visually. The form of refractions in a drop illustrates advantages of fuel.
  • More difficult graphic images are designed by connection of basic elements (a drop and a light-trace).

    Everything’s like in Nature!
  • ——
    Art-direction: Konstantin Groznov
    Design: Dmitry Igoshin, Vladislav Likh, Igor Bondarenko
    Illustrations: Dmitry Igoshin, Dmitry Rybin
    Project Manager: Elena Chubina

    Made in Nile
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