This is Homer’s Iliad, SimAnt style. The red ants have defeated the black ants and they’re taking the black knight piece back into their lair as the reward. They’re in for a little surprise once the night begins.

It's my entry to the illustration category of the Train Your Brain Contest over at DeviantArt.

Digital, simulation of oil on canvas in ArtRage.

3 days, lots of thumbs, studying perspective and lighting (inspired by Tohad, but not even close to his sweet, sweet colors) and looking at dozens of photos of ants, flower pots and random people’s backyards.
Initial thumbs, decided to go for the perspective of #2 and the scene of #3
Value thumbs, went with the more isolated, tiny secret place feel of the right one
3D mockup, as I wanted to study and learn as much as possible about correct perspective and shading
Color sketch to set the final feel of the piece