Target Redesign Project
Target Redesign Project - UXDI 7 Project
This team project was based on a hypothetical project that was given to us at the beginning of week 4 of General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive program.

Target wants to push sales and brand awareness for its home goods, home decor, and home furniture products. Part of the sales initiative is to develop a website/app that will allow users to shop Target home products, receive exclusive access to Target home promotions, and be able to shop limited-edition collections.
Based on this brief, Target is looking to go beyond the typical e-commerce experience and provide a means for customers to evaluate how they can truly customize their homes to their desires.

My Role
Research (competitive analysis and synthesis), sketches, wire-framing, prototyping, user-testing

Final Product
High fidelity app prototype.
What Makes Target Unique
Target is a one-stop shop where you can go and grab all of your needs. Target uses most of it’s money to improve and expand their storefronts nationwide, as well as improve the experience and well being of their customers, their staff, and their partners. Target has a store that is easily translatable from place to place; no matter which Target you go to, the layout is nearly always the same.
Besides competitive analysis, we also did in person interviews, online research, and market research. This is the culmination of everything we were able to find out about the client:
- People go to Target for at home essentials more than home furnishings and decor.
- Most people prefer to go to IKEA, Homegoods, and TJ Maxx for home furnishings and home goods.
- Most people who go to Target only get accent items (throw pillows, vases, etc), things that add personality to their home, they normally don't go for big ticket items.
- Price, quality, and variety are the most important things for people when buying home furnishing and decor

Most people who go to Target are:
- Between the ages of 25 - 35​
- Working full-time
- Live with other people (significant other's, roommates, etc.)
- Rent rather than own their homes

These were the main insights we were able to put together once all of our research was gathered:​
- Some people shop for home decor to create a comfortable and cozy environment in their home to make them feel good.
- Targets home goods items are high quality, reasonable in price, and stylish/cute but most people don’t know that. Target is less than an afterthought when it comes to home furnishings. They are the third or fourth thought or they aren’t even brought up at all.
- Target is your buddy, your friend, your neighbor; they are always there for you no matter where you are in life. Target is there for you every step of the way
Design Directives
Based on our insights, we were able to come up with our design directives, which helped us with our overall concept, sketches and final design. Our approach was to remind users that at Target, you can get all of your essentials being food, clothes, and other personal items while still being able to purchase furniture or decor.
- Design an inspirational multichannel shopping experience that strengthens users confidence in Target’s home decor and furniture.
- We want to minimize the amount of time spent researching and planning before getting to Target. We wanted to make it so that Target provides inspiration and assistance within their website and application without causing users to go to another touch point/alternate source.
- We wanted to present the user with an interactive way to show what the store has and present what they may need all in one convenient package
- Structure a better information architecture so that it makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for without solely relying on the search bar
Diving into the research and further dissecting the problem, we realized that Target needed to not only promote home goods and furnishings, but be able to show how every department could would in conjunction with each other. People don’t come to Target just to get furniture or decor specifically, they come from.

App Solutions
For the app, which is the part that I focused on, we came up with these solutions that the application should have in order to solve some problems we addressed.

One the home page, there are relevant promotions and exclusives relating to things that are happening during the time period (ex. Christmas goods and accessories). Previously, the Target home screen only had a barcode scanner, search button and a list of random deals.
The hashtag-- #shoptargetstyle which is intended to connect to social media so that customers can display what they have brought at Target and show how they applied it to their living space.
​There is also interactive images that correspond to specific inspiration categories and have Target products in it that users can hover over and interact with.
With the inspiration guide, Target would provide lists of particular things that may interest customers based on the following categories:
Provides inspiration centered around ​certain life events such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. It’s not just gathering organization furniture and decor, it’s also party supplies, food, music, and so on. Everything you would need  to make the most of these said events.
Provide inspiration based on what kind of mood or vibe you want to give off, whether it is in your living space or your overall style as well. Ex. relaxing, blissful, jolly, passionate, powerful, etc.
Shows recommended items, gift ideas, or styles choices based on a list of preset "Target Personalities" such as The Go Getter, The Traveler, or The Barista​
With the shopping list you can create a shopping list and load things into whichever one you want. You can add things either from the website or on the go with one's mobile device. The items in the list will let a customer know if the particular Target store they are going to has the items or not.​​​​​​​
Live Prototype Below
Target Redesign Project

Target Redesign Project



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