Caricature Resolution 2018
"The brainchild of Patrick Martinez, Caricature Resolution is an annual event that first grabbed the imagination of many caricaturists in January 2017. The concept - to draw a caricature a day for the month of January from the list of subjects posted." - Caricature Resolution Facebook Group

The List:
1 Freddie Mercury
2 Kurt Cobain
3 Michael Jackson
4 Prince
5 Robin Williams
6 Heath Ledger
7 Carrie Fisher
8 Leonard Nimoy
9 James Brown
10 David Bowie
11 John Lennon
12 Aaliyah
13 Christopher Lee
14 Alan Rickman
15 Gene Wilder
16 Adam West
17 David Carradine
18 Bruce Lee
19 Muhammad Ali
20 Tupac
21 George Michael
22 Whitney Houston
23 Tom Petty
24 Frank Zappa
25 Joey Ramone
26 Ronnie James Dio
27 Lemmy Kilmister
28 Chester Bennington
29 Chris Cornell
30 Bob Marley
31 Amy Winehouse
1 Freddie Mercury. iPad Pro, Procreate
2 Kurt Cobain. Copic Brush Markers
3 Michael Jackson. Copic Brush Markers, Uni-ball Signo White Pen
4 Prince. iPad Pro, Procreate
5 Robin Williams. iPad Pro, Procreate
6 Heath Ledger. iPad Pro, Procreate
7 Carrie Fisher. Adobe Illustrator
8 Leonard Nemoy. Copic Brush Markers
9 James Brown. iPad Pro, Procreate
10 David Bowie. iPad Pro, Procreate
11 John Lennon. iPad Pro, Procreate
12 Aaliyah. iPad Pro, Procreate
13 Christopher Lee. iPad Pro, Procreate
14 Alan Rickman. iPad Pro, Procreate
15 Gene Wilder. iPad Pro, Procreate
16 Adam West. iPad Pro, Procreate
17 David Carradine. iPad Pro, Procreate
18 Bruce Lee. iPad Pro, Procreate
19 Muhammad Ali. Copic Brush Markers
20 Tupac. Prismacolor Art Stix
21 George Michael. iPad Pro, Procreate
22 Whitney Houston. iPad Pro, Procreate
23 Tom Petty. iPad Pro, Procreate
24 Frank Zappa. iPad Pro, Procreate
25 Joey Ramone. iPad Pro, Procreate
26 Ronnie James Dio. iPad Pro, Procreate
27 Lemmy Kilmister. iPad Pro, Procreate
28 Chester Bennington. Copic Brush Markers, Skin Tones Set
29 Chris Cornell. Copic Brush Markers
30 Bob Marley. iPad Pro, Procreate
31 Amy Winehouse. iPad Pro, Procreate