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    A mobile app for bridging the gap between Parsis and different communities.
Project Duration:1 week
Group: 3
In order to bring the Parsi community closer to other communities around the area and the Parsis living outside the Baug, this application was developed after initial contextual enquiry and semi-structured interviews.
The data hence collected was refined and insights were gathered. Many initial concepts were sketched and tested before coming on to this social media application which bridges the gap between Parsis outside the Baug and other communities as well.
testing paper prototypes
landing page after logging in
user profile page
adding friends is easy.
you can also send the sanskruti application to your friends along with inviting them to the app.
one can also chat with friends in the app
Option to send a message via SMS and mail also.
Adding different culture freinds will show the similarities with parsi culture and a good way to encourage people into the cross-cultural activities.
Since Parsi people are involved in donation activities this app will give them a platform where they can share and encourage their friends from other communities to make contributions.
conducting user testing with high fidelity screens
Puneeth Hegde : http://issuu.com/puneethegde
Radhakrishna Samad : www.behance.net/RKrishna