Daily UI Challenge 001: Sign Up
This is my first time creating an interaction with Principle. I am a fan.
Daily UI Challenge 002: Credit Card Checkout

I had pizza on my mind when I created this credit card checkout last night. Does anyone ever have the late night cravings?

Below are my random thoughts:
For any e-commerce site, the checkout process is the most important piece. I was told that you lose 10% of customers at every step of your checkout process. If the checkout process is too long, you'll lose your consumer, create an unpleasant experience, and ultimately lose a business. 

What makes a good checkout experience? There's no one way to create a good checkout experience. The perception of a good experience may depend on what user you're talking about and what are their needs. A user buying an airline flight has a different checkout experience from a user buying clothes on an e-commerce site. If I was to break down the checkout experience, I would say it would come down to these factors: 
-Speed // Users just want to pay for the item.
-Assurance // Users want to be reminded what they are buying.
-Security // Users feeling safe throughout the process is really important.
-Ease // User should be able to understand and process the information. 
Daily UI Challenge 003: Credit Card Checkout

I watched the movie Storks a few weekends ago and was inspired to create a Baby Builder landing page. A landing page should have a single purpose and thus a single focused message in communicating what service it provides. It's important to use directional cues to direct audience's attention to the call to action (CTA)—user wants to make a baby. Well, here it is. I enjoyed creating this landing page. I had to do a few brainstorming on my own prior to this idea.
Daily UI Challenge 005: App Icon
Simple, whimsical, inviting, and youthful. Some kind of education app icon idea. 
Daily UI Challenge 006: User Profile
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