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    A vehicle purely made out of paper, capable of carrying one person and driven by 2 drivers.
Winning Project at Technoholi-2012 held at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.
Submitted as a technical paper at the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards 2012.
The task was to design a human powered chariot using only newspapers and adhesives. No tapes, ropes, metal parts, staples etc allowed. The chariot had two assistants and a driver. Driver should not touch the ground and the assistants may assist in driving the chariot. The task was to collect water balloons one by one and also attack the opponent teams and protect ourselves from attack too.
The design issues we tackled were
1. How to increase the weight handling capacity of paper
2. How to distribute the load
3. Ergonomic issues
4. How to protect it from water
These issues were successfully handled and we came up with a design which could sustain 60kg weight under safe limits and upto 80 kg at breakpoint. We only used newspapers and fevicol.
Team size : 3
Newspaper sheets rolled into tubes.
Load distribution testing. Individual braids could withstand a safe load of 60kg and breakpoint load of 80kg.
The chassis
The prototype with two drivers and one passenger.