RAM® Mounts Branded Sitelet on BassPro.com
In Summer 2017 my employer, RAM® Mounts, a manufacturer of mounting solutions, expanded its brand presence to BassPro.com, a leader in fishing goods, and needed a sitelet to sell its products directly through the retailer's website. Working with RAM Mounts and developers at BassPro.com, my goal was to deliver a small, company-branded webpage that would showcase the reliability and ease of RAM Mounts products while seamlessly integrating into the BassPro.com user experience.

As sole designer, I produced the RAM Mounts sitelet in three critical stages. First, I identified the parameters and restrictions of the BassPro.com platform and created a wireframe of the sitelet which satisfied both parties.
Second, I moved forward with principal design—creating a style guide that included typefaces, colors, and button hover states. The key focus here was to stay true to RAM Mounts' branding while remaining consistent with the largely neutral BassPro.com platform.
Finally, I created a high-resolution mockup of the sitelet in Photoshop and provided it, along with all the art assets, to the front-end developer at BassPro.com for development.
Below is a side-by-side view of the wireframe and final mockup.
Throughout the engagement I served as the intermediary between the two parties, communicating limitations of the BassPro.com platform while ultimately delivering a robust sitelet to RAM Mounts who has since seen a fresh influx of sales from BassPro.com.