One of my main responsibilities at Le Tote is creating our member engagement emails. I work with our Art Directors and Marketing Department to plan our upcoming emails, including brainstorming photoshoot ideas and deciding on graphic layouts. I make photo selections and then create the final product. Here is a sample of a few of the designs I have made.
This Belts email is the first in an FAQ series. I created a consistent header for this series, and had fun with creating a layout that would be flexible for potentially long answers to our customer's fashion questions.
This "Arm Party" email is a mixture of two editorial photos and many accessories catalog shots. I edited the catalog photos to create a cohesive email.
I used this "basics" email as an opportunity to play with layering and typography, pushing myself to think of creative new ways of presenting our beautiful photos.
With this email my goal was to continue the pattern of layering and playing with edges, and add depth to what were originally three photos on plain white backgrounds.
I challenged myself with this email, editing all of the existing accessories photos into cohesive laydowns I could edit around text. The two model photos were the only ones taken for this email.
This Pearls email was a great opportunity to add some fun and surprise to our layouts. Playing with spacing gave these traditional pearls an engaging and modern feel.