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  • These images are made by using organic material as photographic negatives.
    The colors invert and instead of grain we are left with the almost infinite detail that the paper allows us.  Cell walls become evident, lens distortions create abstractions that break these objects from the indexical.  As they enlarge, the heat from the light source slowly withers the plants, they become one off negatives. Made from unique plant life in bloom that can only be printed once in the same state of decay.  The C-print also seems a fitting medium for such a colorful and time based subject, especially now as it seems important to create work in a medium that will soon no longer be accessible.  Throughout art history we have never seen medium so fleeting as the analogue color processes.  It as medium was always detached from the artist, people shot film and sent it to labs, and rarely was the artist in real connection with the paper and the process.  C-Printing is image making in the dark, this lack of sensation that occurs during the printing of these organic materials relates to our own inability to view much of the light spectrum.  It is a constant reminder of what we are unable to perceive in the world around us, how we are blind to so much of the universe. The motivation behind this work is to confront limitations of our perception and experience the organic world in a new way of seeing.

    All images are 1/1 16x20 C-Type Prints