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PuraFrutta is the first Argentinian apple juice produced with 100% pressed Patagonian apples. All natural, not from concentrate, no added sugar, colorants, additives or any kind of preservatives.

Founded in 2013, with a solid private investment and tons of passion and innovative ideas, Pura Frutta became a key player in the competitive local market, dominated by soft drinks and juices produced from concentrate.

PuraFrutta was selected as one of the 30 most promising startups from Latin America by Forbes Magazine in 2017, as well as winning first prize as “rising company of 2016” by IAE’s Business School. PuraFrutta is a great example of conscious marketing and leader of healthy products. It is a noble and transparent product, 100% juice 0% blubbering.

Brand strategy and identity

Chris joined PuraFrutta during its beginning stages as brand strategist and designer. His first assignment was to build the brand’s direction and visual universe. The brand identity is founded on the concept of honesty and simplicity. No blubbering, no storytelling, no lies and no promising. The logotype connotes smoothness and honesty, while the brand identity system was inspired by vegetable and fruit stores’ chalkboard signs in South America, which are approachable, sincere and familiar to the local consumers.
Honesty was always PuraFrutta’s strategy core concept, as the main challenge wasn’t to introduce a new juice brand, but to introduce a new product category of a healthy single ingredient juice. In a market full of dishonest products made from concentrated processed juice, with additional sugar and additives, that portray themselves as healthy and natural on their labels, tricking consumer, Pura Frutta came in as a huge player.
The challenge was tough, but we did it well, the brand opened a new category and became the first massive brand of 100% pressed apple juice in the country. It was then followed by the leader in pressed orange juices company, Jugos Citric, by launching their own pressed apple juice product in 2017, and becoming our very first competitors in the category.


The first product’s packaging was a 3L (100 Oz) bag-in-box, which visually simulates an apple crate. This innovative presentation became the flagship product of the brand and is still commercialized in its second improved design version in some selected premium retail stores, and events such as food festivals and fairs around the country.
It was amazingly well received by consumers of all ages. It’s size and the “easy pour” dispenser were thought for households, parties or after sports events.

TETRAPAKS (200ML / 6,75OZ & 1L / 34OZ)

A year after launching the 3L bag-in-box, PuraFrutta , partnered with the Swedish company TetraPak with offices in Buenos Aires, and is currently developing two additional product presentations: 200ML (6,75 Oz) and 1L (34 Oz).
This strategic alliance propelled PuraFrutta to immerse into two of the largest supermarket chains in the country, Jumbo and Disco, in one of the largest convenience stores in Buenos Aires,Open 25, and other health and convenience stores around the country..
The art direction of these presentations was absolutely different than the apple crate style of the 3L presentation. The packaging’s strategy was about going against the artifical juice packaging trend (which uses realistic photographs of fruits and farms). Neat with a rustic touch and handmade typography and lettering was the perfect direction for this product. PuraFrutta doesn’t lie or promise any symbolic benefit to consumers, but the real benefits from the apple.

200ML / 6.75OZ

1L / 34OZ

“We make Pura Frutta”


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Brand strategy, brand development and packaging design for the first 100% pressed apple juice made in Patagonia, Argentina


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