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    My seasonal 7-11 coffee mug designs.
A while back I got to work on a 7-11 coffee mug design (pictured below). For those of you who frequent 7-11, you may have purchased my mug, so thanks! You helped it become the top-selling coffee mug in 7-11's history. For those of you who haven't purchased it, there's still may be some in stores. Go get you one!
After the success of the original mug, we were approached again to design a new series of mug designs. This time around though each season would receive it's own design. Here you will see my first pass at each season. We took it a bunch of different directions and threw in another designer after this round, so I wanted to share my own designs here. Ultimately the client felt that these designs wouldn't be successful so they went another direction. Such is the creative life. Thanks for looking!