Queen Four Visions

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  • Created for "CULTURE DATA CULTURE" workshop with Santiago Ortiz.
    "Four visions" is more than a simple list of songs written by the famous british band.
    It's a way to show the importance of words in their music. Queen is a band, but most of the songs are a vision of only one member. Four members and four visions for one band.
    We have looked for the main themes that appear in Queen's world.
    After we have analysed each song, using the resources of the web, and after we have counted with www.wordcounter.com the number of times that the main words are mentioned, we focused on five of them.
    Love, time, life, world and heaven: these five words are used in their songs, but in different frequency for each author.From the graphs it is possible to see if the songs are written by one author or more than one.
    The thickness of the lines represents the frequency of the word in each song.

    So let's enter the world of Freddie, Brian, Roger and John, and let's see what they are telling us...

    Project by: Connie Khoo, Sara Porco, Clemence Raillard, Ileana Ricci, Daniel Sher, Giulia Spruzzola
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