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An Integrated System That Helps Novice Runners To Run Smarter And Faster
How Can We help the novice runners to run smarter and better?
How can we create a new value that would consistently benefit runners and evolve with them?
A new business that helps novice runners perform at increasingly higher levels through an integrated system of AI training and personalized running shoes that they level up in performance in concert with the athlete’s day support. 
3D printed customized running shoes that made for you, based on your own data and evolve with you.
Why this integrated system make sense? 
How does this experience look like?
After Rui the training digital insole, he put this into his currently running shoes. Pairs the insole with his smartphone.
Rui receives a pair of running shoes that fully customized for him based on his personal performance data.
As long as Rui keep push himself to become a better runner, his running shoes keep evolving as well. After Rui finish his first half marathon game. Personal best reduce the extra cushion made him the second lighter version running shoes. After Rui break his own PB in the full marathon game, a pair of race version running shoes will directly ship to Rui.