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    A sketch translating a picture to a mix of photography and generated geometric shapes, circles in this case.
Sharing some code that is based on the generated line drawings of words in another post (of which i have lost the original code).

Even though this code is far from finished it might help a few people that asked to share some code. In order to help those to continue exploring Processing here is the code:

/*import ddf.minim.*;import ddf.minim.signals.*;import ddf.minim.analysis.*;import ddf.minim.effects.*;
Minim minim;AudioInput in;*/

PImage img;
void setup(){ size(1000,900); img = loadImage("peter2.jpg"); /*minim = new Minim(this); // get a line in from Minim, default bit depth is 16 in = minim.getLineIn(Minim.STEREO, 896);*/}
void draw(){ background(255); //CROSSESfor (int a=0; a<=895; a = a+4){ for (int b=0; b<=599; b = b+4){ color Pixel = img.get(a,b); float c = brightness(Pixel); if (c < 170){ strokeWeight(1+(a/2)); stroke(Pixel); noFill(); line(a,b,a+4,b+4); line(a+4,b,a,b+4); } }} /*//LINES for (int a=0; a<=895; a=a+4){ for (int b=0; b<=599; b=b+4){ color Pixel = img.get(a,b); float c = brightness(Pixel); if (c < 100){ strokeWeight(1); stroke(Pixel,random(15)); noFill(); beginShape(); vertex(a,b); bezierVertex(a,b,random(a,a+30),random(b,b+10),a,b); bezierVertex(random(b*1.5,b),random(b,random(b*1)),random(a-10,a),random(b,random(b*2)),random(a,a+10),random(b,b+20)); bezierVertex(random(random(a-60,a)),random(b-50,b),random(random(a,a+30)),random(b-8,b),a,b); vertex(a,b); endShape(); } }*/
} /* void stop(){ // always close Minim audio classes when you are done with them in.close(); minim.stop(); super.stop();}*/