Spasms Of Upheaval
T.A.N.K (Think Of A New Kind)
is a French Death Melodic Metal band inspired by kickass bands such as In Flames, Soilwork or Mnemic. (my favourite one ;))
They contact me to do cover & booklet of their second album called Spasms Of Upheaval.
They asked me to represent the band with an illustration.
I really recommand their video clip "Inhaled" featuring Jon Howard from Threat Signal at the end of the page !

T.A.N.K is actually made of :
Raf Pener : Vocals
Olivier D'Aries : Bass
Symheris : Lead & Rythm Guitar
Nils Courbaron : Guitar
(ex member Eddy Chaumulot : Guitar)

More infos about T.A.N.K :
Spasms Of Upheaval Released Cover.
Pages II & III Artwork and Released Version.
Pages III & IV Artwork and Released Version.
Pages V & VI Artwork and Released Version.
Digipack Back
Side Drops
Digipack Layout
T.A.N.K Promo Designs
T.A.N.K Video Clip:  Inhaled featuring Jon Howard from Threat Signal
Directed by Directed by Romain Segall (Crazy Shot)
T.A.N.K Video Clip: Spasms Of Upheaval
Directed by Benjamin Cappelletti
Spasms Of Upheaval

Spasms Of Upheaval

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