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    A Notably Flavored Flash Drive. Unminified and pleased to occupy more space on your desktop and in your heart.
Hello There!

Mato Drive is a continuation to the project Lisco I did a while ago and now it has finally come close to becoming a reality.  
Mato is a stress toy and flash drive intended to playfully work the tension out of your fingers and wrist, a common problem if you are a frequent user of a mouse, or if you text intensively. A finger work-out gives you a break and can increase blood circulation into your tired hand.
The skin of Mato is formed by a silky upholstery fabric famed for its use in Armani Interiors. This fabric gives this toy an urge to touch it, calling you to wrap it around your fingers.
Mato plays with the idea of being more than just a piece of electronicsor a minified tool to carry out our daily tasks. I wanted the drive to have some substance, occupy more space, both physically and emotionally. An object that would stick to you and you in return would stick to it.  
For the skin I have chosen to use a special fabric developed by Danish expertise. This durable yet stretchy non-woven upholstery fabric dresses and flows over the components in an almost organic manner. The fabric catches light in a way that is reminiscent of anodized metal creating an appealing contrast between the organic shapes and the metallic reflections.
Many thanks to my brother Christer for the help with the animation and editing of the video, to Mahtab for the patient modeling and Matti for the use of his music.