2017 Schedule Release
Two sets of schedules were created, one for preseason and one for regular season. Eventually, we would have to update our schedules after losing our Bye week for a make-up game against the Buccaneers due to the evacuation during Hurricane Irma.

2017 NFL Draft
The Draft is one of the few times we get to work outside creative assets, which is as exciting as it is challenging. The goal is to combine the NFL's Draft identity with our own, as well as photography that is from other sources. Both the NFL and AP photographers do a great job though, and the Draft ends up being one of the more unique moments of the whole season.  

Social Media Quotes
This season, we made hundreds of quote graphics. From Training Camp to the last game in Week 17, we knew pushing so many quotes could get stale as the season went along if they all looked the same. Our strategy was to develop multiple templates we could use to push them out fast, but also vary the look to keep it interesting. 


Home & Away Match-ups
The Home and Away look followed the same philosophy from 2016 — Aqua representing home games, and White for road games. What evolved was the color blocks, going with a cleaner appearance by dropping the background textures and using a flat orange instead of a gradient. We also started using a taller headline font that allowed the team names to make a bigger visual impact. 

Quarter Covers
Part of evolving a brand is starting the new year by asking what we did right, where we can improve, and what are the opportunities to be different from everyone else? We felt most NFL team's score bugs felt the same and we were included in that group. It was an area we could approach from a new point of view and design something that would better fit all the content in our social feeds. The score bug was re-named to "quarter cover" and evolved as the game went on. 

London, Primetime, and Color Rush
These games became special seasonal moments and we wanted to design for the unique occasions. For the matchup in London, we combined our identity with influences from street art and punk rock. We used black for our Primetime games and to match our Color Rush uniform, a "white out" look with strictly black and white photography. 

Throwback Games
Twice a season the Dolphins wear a throwback uniform design from their inaugural year of 1966. A fan favorite uniform and a chance to work with a beautiful "retro" aesthetic. We adjusted our photo treatment and evolved the Gameday look from 2016 with the help of graphic artist Jon Contino. 

Jason Taylor Hall Of Fame Induction
You could dedicate an entire creative team for a big moment like this. "JT" had an induction ceremony in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and during halftime at a Dolphins game. Throw in a celebration party at Hard Rock Stadium, congratulatory ads, all the logos and accompanying design and JT has his own campaign. A leader in the locker room and a legend on the field. Congrats, JT!