I animate my illustrations, just to see what I can do with them and for fun :)
They are short, not much is hapenning in them, but hey, it's all about moving still, right? :)
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, what else to say, never fails to inspire
Illustration's music: "Atmospheres" (1961), Music by György Ligeti
Performed by Southwest German Radio Orchestra, Conductor Ernest Bour
Kosmośki or spacedorks, they originate from a computer wallpaper I made
for CITY, company that I work for.
Finally, the spring has come to the CITY
Originally it was a cover for internal quarterly bulletin of the CITY.
Names of the critters are names of the photoshop layer folders corresponding to the proper creatures.

Illustration's music: 1: Herbie Hancock ----"Sly" // from the album: Head Hunters
2: Moloko ----"Pure Pleasure Seeker" // from the album: Things to Make and Do
Woman and octopus, long tentacles, nudity, dark desires. Now!

Illustration's music: Paul J. Smith // 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea -- 1954
Godzilla is wreaking havoc in Krakow, in the CITY.

Illustration's music: Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page - "Come With Me" --- soundtrack for the 1998 Godzilla film
Illustration's music: Toto // Main Title // Dune O.S.T (1984)