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    Healthcare design challenge submission
The Health Summary provides a holistic view of the patient’s current health. A health score determined by body, emotional and lifestyle factors helps the patient easily identify where s/he is most healthy and where there’s room for improvement. Relevant and immediate medical data is presented in an easily consumable format for the patient, caregivers and doctors to quickly gain an understanding of the patient’s active conditions and treatments.

The intent of the Summary is to transfer the wealth of medical knowledge from doctor to patient in a way that the patient can understand and take informed action to improve his/her health.

Created and developed by Mike Parker and Dan McGorry under the direction of Kel Smith.
Health education knowledge provided by Tara Rice and Ide Mills.

Agency: HealthEd
UPDATE: We were awarded First Place for 'Best Lab Summaries'
Health Design Challenge: Redesign the patient health record
Sponsored by Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Featured on WIRED.com