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Graphic Design Links is a personal selection of websites about graphic design which I’ve collected over the last few years. It includes links to great studios and designers, news sites and blogs, digital tools and useful resources. I believe that one of the best ways to learn design is to follow what the world’s best designers do. You can use this book as a starting point in search of inspiration, self education and tools.

A printed book is a strange, even foolish format for a hyperlink collection. In order to emphasize this strangeness Graphic Design Links is illustrated with experimental typography that takes web addresses out of digital environment and puts them into the real world. These illustrations are open for interpretation, sometimes the idea is clear and sometimes is not. The layout of the book was inspired by the computer’s system of overlaping windows and folders. Typefaces used in this book are customized Objectivity and Space Mono.

You can find all the hyperlinks from the book on my Medium page.

You can find the hyperlinks from the book on my Medium page.

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Graphic Design Links | Editorial

Graphic Design Links | Editorial

This is a personal collection of the most useful websites for a graphic designer. It includes links to the world’s best graphic designers and stu Read More