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    Serving Slashthree's last installment for World Exhibition III
Serving SlashTHREE's 19th exhibition
19: World Exhibition III
Final Installment: December 1st, 2012
Slashthree is proud to present the seventh and final chapter of World Exhibition III, as it comes to a successful close headlined by illustrators Liran Szeiman, Martin De Diego Sádaba, Tarin Yuangtrakul, Karim Fakhoury Gaétan Weltzer, and photographer Benny Brand. New additions Rachel Rusk and Remi Chevalier showcase their first submissions to Slashthree in this final installment. Over the course of five months, 50 pieces of art, photography and music were produced in this first ever exhibition format at S3. Be sure to view the exhibition as a whole if you missed one of the previous six installments. We hope everyone enjoyed the incremental updates and wonderful work created for WE III.
Detail shots