Anime Expo 2018

It's the third year that we've been drawing art for Anime Expo! It has been a pleasure for us to have done the artworks so far and participated in the conventions ourselves. This year was especially special since our artists also flew down to be part of the convention. 
It took the artist a long while to finish the mural artwork featuring all the character mascots for SPJA. We've also included a number of cameos, including Danny Choo's Mirai and GreenTeaNeko's Eroko.
The Anime Expo 2018 catalogue of all the cool things they've created for the year! With plenty of art from us!
The Premium fan art for 2018 was done by Pricey. Keeping to the theme of having a very different take on MAX, this time we chose to depict her in space! The above was the finalized version of the artwork while below are some initial concepts for the artwork. 
On top of the usual AX visuals, we were also approached to do the key image for MYTH: Legends of Burlesque & Magic. MYTH is a signature event during Anime Expo featuring magical and sexy performances. The art was handled by Desti. 
Account Manager: KC Ng
General Artworks: Low Zi Rong
Convention background of mural: Tan Hui Tian
Premium fan artwork: Pricey
MYTH: Legends of Burlesque & Magic artwork: Desti