Mortal Skateboard Competition 2012

The end of 2012 is linked with several predictions, stories and legends about the end of the world, the same happened in 2000 and similarly many other apocalyptic theories, perhaps seeing it from a point of view psycologic apocalypse begins within one , but that is worth a damn us, we want to skate ...

Banana Shop presents his version of the skateboarding world with deadly skateboard contest that took place in Saltillo Coahuila Mex. 2 December day, my custom was performing this advertising graphics, resulting in wide acceptance and participation of the public.

And a special mention to the entire team of Banana Shop especially the leadership of my colleagues and friends Abel Sanchez and Steve Palacios.
First sketches and elements for print
The end result of several graphic evidence that defined the concept of the event
                                                                    -PATINA HASTA LA MUERTE-