Another industry leading technology currently being tested and improved, Hotel Messaging allows guests to communicate directly with front desk staff in their app using familiar texting interfaces. With an availability window that spans before, during and after their stay, this has opened new opportunities and streamlined the conversations guests have with hotel staff.
The Problem:
Communicating with a hotel’s front desk staff has been a historically clunky experience, relying on a guest to call down using the in-room phone. Focus group surveys showed a big interest in being able to talk to hotel staff directly from a guest’s cell phone, either in-room or on-the-go.
The Process:
Similar to Connected Rooms, this project began as an MVP to test and adapt to a third party communication system being implemented by a large number of Hilton’s hotel properties. The goal was to create a customized text-based communication platform in-app that would be similar to a mobile user’s default messaging app. I worked closely with developers and stakeholders to ensure the scope remained lean and agile so a limited release to a few test properties could be achieved.
- User research and focus group study
- User flows
- iOS + Android wireframes
- Review and presentation materials

The Result:
A guest’s message and the happy outcome above was shared to our team and I think it speaks to the project’s success so far.