A first-of-its-kind, high-tech guest room that enables guests to personalize and control every aspect of their stay right from their phone.
The Problem:
Give guests greater control over their stay and begin the groundwork for the future of the hospitality industry. Make it easier to access modern content providers such as Netflix and Hulu on hotel room TVs and manage their favorite networks. Use cutting edge IoT technologies to make it easy to control room temperature and lights from anywhere in a guest’s room, including right from their bed.
The Process:
I joined this project during its beta stage, working side-by-side with developers to provide quick and simple wire-frames that helped them build a basic framework to test the feasibility of a handful of technologies interconnecting to bring this new experience to life.

From there, we eventually honed in on a set of features that would be considered adequately groundbreaking, yet reasonable for an MVP with a fast approaching deadline. I created a first set of wires and user flows designed to highlight the capabilities of the interactive TV interface, accessing streaming apps and managing favorite content providers.

We were notified later in the project that there was new desire and an opportunity to include controls for the room’s thermostat and lights. So I quickly worked along the UI designers to include some additional screens with simple, easy to use interfaces.

As we progress out of the beta stage, there is an eye towards personalization and automation, further driving innovation and first-to-market solutions for our hotel guests.

- User research and focus group study
- User flows
- Agile iOS + Android wireframes consistently updated through beta development
- Review and presentation materials
The Result:
A successful beta launch with wide organic press coverage, and a greenlight to continue innovating in IoT and leading the hospitality industry.